Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is produced by the white blood cells of the body in both humans and all mammals, making it a natural part of the body’s internal defence system. When precisely replicated outside of the body, HOCI is an electrolysed antimicrobial biocide solution that rapidly renders pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi inactive.

Here’s a breakdown of why BRIO HOCI
is the safest and most
effective disinfectant solution

  • It works to fight infection and positively control responses to injury which promotes healing
  • It’s a part of the body’s natural response to injury and recovery
  • When in pure form, it has a pH between 4 and 6, making it a “weak” acid (skin and mucosal safe)
  • Mucosa or the mucous membrane is the membrane that lines certain parts of the body such as the mouth, nose and eyelids.
  • When kept in pure form, which is what BRIO HOCl is, it shows no adverse effects
  • It will not irritate or aggravate damaged tissue found at a wound site, making it a safe sanitizer option
  • Unlike other topical solutions, BRIO HOCl when used as an antibacterial spray is soothing and won’t bubble up or cause unwanted tingling sensations
  • It provides a steady positive control over the healing process, which quickly becomes evident during its use
  • It’s non-hazardous for use on both humans and animals
There are harmful pathogens such as bacteria, spores, and viruses all around us. They’re in the air, on our food, plants, animals, and especially surfaces. The human body’s first line of defense against these pathogens, as well as infection and injury, is an innate and non-specific mechanism that guards against them.

The skin itself, along with mucous secretions at the epithelial membranes, are both important elements of the body’s natural response to pathogens. However, when this first line of defense is breached, Hypochlorous Acid is generated immediately by the white blood cells becoming a key chemical component of that innate mechanism
In essence, HOCl production delivers a wealth of benefits. The mechanism of HOCl production from the salt in the body involves intracellular enzymes. Outside of the body, the process can be mimicked by using a controlled application of electrical energy, otherwise known as an electrochemical activation (ECA) process.

As an antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, and non-hazardous compound for mucosal contact, Hypochlorous Acid promotes quick healing and works to mitigate scarring and to clear a myriad of skin conditions. It can also be misted as an antibacterial spray or sanitizer spray to permeate small crevices for more effective odor control and sanitation.

The following benefits of BRIO HOCl
have been well-documented:

  • Has an anti-aging effect on the skin
  • Forms blood clots in wounds
  • Causes fibrinogen oxidation, leading to firmer clots and a longer clot lysis period
  • Stimulates immunity to pathogens and germs
  • Acts as a powerful local stimulant for both wound healing and germ-killing
  • Makes new skin cells grow over wounds, reorganizing scar fibers
  • Leads to long-lasting localized effects in the body

Hypochlorous Acid has over a 100 years of history providing indisputable evidence of its efficacy in healing and use in disinfection. There have also been over 500 peer-reviewed and published papers universally documenting its significant beneficial results. While the widespread use of HOCl has remained fairly stagnant, the primary limiting factor to its broad adoption has historically been due to the compound’s lack of stability.

With this knowledge, and the bottom-line mission to fundamentally change the discussion of health, healing, and disinfection around the world, BRIOTECH immersed itself in all things HOCl. That would include science, technology, equipment, properties, and production. Through ten years of in-depth research, BRIOTECH has brought HOCl technology to the forefront through trade-secret developments in properties and production, which have been well-documented, published, and revered as scientific breakthroughs in both efficacy and stability.

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